It’s been a few weeks since our Adventure camp. This week, we had a reflection session. Cubs were asked to write about their experience for the blog. (Cubs who were unable to make it were asked to discuss with others and imagine what it would have been like). They were asked what they liked, what they found challenging. Cubs were given a lot of photos to find themselves or others in, and were asked to construct blog article on paper: like ones we have posted before. Cubs don’t enjoy the access to computers that we would like them to, so this is how we made this blog entry. Below please find Our Cubs Camp Blog, typed up to reflect presentation work of the cubs, to the best of Akela’s ability. Enjoy!

I really enjoyed some of the ride to Kibblestone as I was playing Dobble with my friend and it was super fun!

The best one was air rifle shooting it was very difficult but I got a bullseye.

One of my favourites were rock climbing and I even got to all of the tops except from one that was super hard.

The journey was long but worth it

Axe throwing was my favourite activity

I did the dishes!?… Yeah

First we woke up in our tents, which were really relaxing and comfy. (Though it did take some time to get used to). Then we ate our breakfast and my favourite was eggy bread, it was so delicious

← Over there We were making fires. We each made small ones first and then…

We made one big one that everybody helped with.

← My Friend

← ALSO My Friend

After we’d finished we took a looooong walk to this↑ giant cliff and next to it was another giant tree here↑ and we had lots & lots of fun climbing them.

I think the Eliminator looks extremely fun because you can fall and die (be eliminated).

This would be fun and make you feel like you’re in mortal peril and hold on for dear life

Sam G

We threw axes at slabs of wood and it was really fun. [one of the scouts] hit a slab really hard and nearly knocked it over!

I think I would have enjoyed the axe throwing because it was challenging and was fun.

The rock climbing because it looked tricky and it would have been extremely fun.

Arrow Shooting I hit the very middle BUT it was on somebody else’s target and I gave them my 10 points!

Axe throwing and I managed to hit the very middle

Climbed so high just one step from the top

On Sunday afternoon, we did AXE THROWING! It was so fun (but dangerous). This is my friend, who managed to throw the axe and get it in the log target.

Tree climbing was extremely hard because the branches were not long and thick, they were short and stubby.

Abseiling was kind of hard because there was no grip to put your hands and feet.

by Anisha


We enjoyed archery on Sunday as an entertaining task. Me and another Cub Scout came up with a score for hitting the wood. It was really fun.

Axe Throwing

Axe throwing was difficult. We had 3 targets and the edge targets were really gashed but the middle one was really untouched.


Abseiling was very scary at the top but as you go down it gets more relaxing.

Day-to-day life

Tent arrangements were very good. There was one girls’ tent and a few boys’ tents. Everyone took turns doing the dishes. The food was very good, on one day we had DIY kebabs.