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What’s DNA then?

Akela: What’s the smallest building block of things?  Pack: Atoms. [We did a toy mockup of Rutherfords gold foil experiment last year]  Akela: Excellent… What about these complicated things: [points…

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Chief Scout Silver Awards 2022

Congratulations to Aadil and Elliott on achieving their Cub Scout Silver Award this year. This is the top award in Cub Scouts and is not gained easily. Aadil moved up…

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Everything Stops for Tea

Cubs have been working towards their “Our Skills” Challenge badge over the past few weeks. It’s one of seven broad themed badges and part of the Chief Scout Award that…

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In lieu of a local organised public bonfire night we rolled out our brand new fire pit. Thank you @WeAreMcAlpine for the grant to buy this equipment. The group enjoyed…

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Our Jamboree on the air

On 15 October 2022, 23rd Manchester Cub Scouts made their way over to Boarfold Scout Campsite to have a go at Amateur Radio. A very long time ago (at school),…

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Aerial view of Boarfold Scout Campsite

(No pun intended) Last weekend our Cub Scouts joined us at one of our favourite campsites, Boarfold, for the 2022 Jamboree On the Air. One of our parents brought along…

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